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As for your trials, they are nothing compared to the trials of the Prophets(AS) who were and are still much better than all of us combined. A trial for 2 years or even 50 years of us is nothing compared to the trials of the Prophets. Nuh(AS) was patient in the face of trials and preached to his people for 950 years so a trial which we may face for a year or so is nothing and we have to learn from the examples of those who faced severer trials."Indeed We sent Noah to his people and he stayed among them a thousand years less fifty years (inviting them to believe in the Oneness of Allah (Monotheism) and discard the false gods and other deities)". (Ch 29:14 Quran)It happened that every passing generation admonished the succeeding one not to believe Nuh(AS) and to wage war against him. the father used to teach his child about the matter that was between himself and Nuh(AS) and counsel him to reject his call when he reached adulthood. Their natural disposition rejected believing and following the truth.Remember the verse “Verily with every hardship there is ease”.No matter how long your hardships may last, know that there will be ease.
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